Mount Vernon, WA Steel Shop

Smiley's Inc.

Save thousands of dollars on costly replacements - we have the parts and skilled workers to fulfill all your metal repair needs.

When your truck is rusting or your shop equipment is failing, it can be tempting to just throw out the whole thing and start fresh, but that will cost more than you can probably afford. We have been working in metal fabrication, sandblasting, painting, and machine repair for over 55 years, so bring them to us for expert repair and save cash today.

Everything you need at the best-equipped metal shop in the Pacific Northwest.
Having your truck or shop out of commission while waiting for certain parts to arrive is more than a nuisance, it's costing you time and money. We are well-stocked in hydraulics, truck and trailer equipment, and a complete steel supply. All this along with our fast turnaround times means you'll be waiting less and working more.

Get reliable metal parts and repair with Smiley's Inc.:

Get any part or repair your truck or trailer needs - come by 18022 State Route 536!


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