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Fuel tank installation

If you’re tired of how small the gas tank is in your truck, you can have Smiley’s Inc. install an auxiliary fuel tank and enjoy the open road without having to fill up so often.


When you rely on Smiley’s for auxiliary tank installations, you can expect a quick turnaround that won’t interrupt your schedule for too long. Our staff understands you have business to take care of and will do their best to get you and your auxiliary tank ready as fast possible.

Stay on the road longer

Eliminate low fuel anxiety

If you log a lot of miles on the road, you’ve experienced a low-fuel close call where you’re not sure if you’ll make it. With an auxiliary fuel tank installed by Smiley’s, you will have more options on where to buy fuel.


We install auxiliary fuel tanks from Transfer Flow tanks. Transfer Flow tanks are Made in Chico, California, and Smiley’s is one of their dealers. Smiley’s can install your new Transfer Flow tank and service it whenever you need us to!

Call now to install your new auxiliary fuel tank!


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Call now to install your new auxiliary fuel tank!

Convenient Auxiliary

Fuel Tanks Installations